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ehghefkjdnhkjdh..... whatever.

i am soo bored. i decided to do my homework earlier, so now i have nothing to do. i sound like i have no life. thats awful. school, sport, homework, tv. i need to get out of the house! any suggestions.

today in athletics we worked our butts off. i had no problem w/ it though b/c i would honestly rather be doing something rather than nothing. plus i really need to get in shape for softball and summer.

i have heritage panel training tomorrow so i don't have to go to school. yayayay! hehe. i also have it friday. no school friday either! yeszz! but tomorrow i do have workouts, and i also wanna go to the wrestling match too. mmkay. friday i am going to the basketball game. mmkay. i htink i have plans sat. so far people are just sayin they wanna do something sat. but we have no idear what. o well, we'll know then.

So BoReD ... So EfFiN BoReD.!@#$%%^&^&(
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