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30 March
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I am your typical teenage girl. I love softball and volleyball and participating in pageants. I am a student at Leeds High School. I have lots of book sense, but unfortanetly little common sense, which in my opinion is really sad. I am sort of independent. I'm not the type of girl who just needs to have a man desperately. The way I see it is that I am still very young, and hopefully have plenty more years to go, so why rush. I love and respect my friends! I love you guys, ya'll rock! Oh and War Eagle!! and Roll Greenwave Roll!! LOL! I'll keep on saying it loud and proud soo piss off Alabama fans and Leeds haters who don't have anything to do but make fun of other schools, people, and everything in general! Any way I am 5'7, blue eyes, dirty blonde hair and very athletic.

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LHS softball team 2005

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sexy lil me!