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Well my mom was reading some of the crime reports in the news paper today and some of the crimes were a little bazarr. Here are a couple of prime examples.

(I'm only going to list the things stolen)

~ 7 Capri Sun juice drinks valued at $2.50 and camouflage clothing valued at $450.

Comment on this disturbing news:
" Dang, where did all my juice boxes go? " If you ask me, this report screams bad redneck. I say that
not a lot of people own $450 worth of camo. That is rediculous, and then to make it worse they
complain that somebody also stole their Capri Sun.

~ Watch, 16 cds, bottles of water, Zippo lighter, and red scrunchie.

Comment on this disturbing peice of news:
............ you are kidding right. In this case the redneck is the one doing the crime. Who steals
a red scrunchie. No a better question, who still wairs scrunchies? What's up with all the stolen
beverages on top of that?

Okay well getting off the subject of all these "awful" crimes, I really like Phillip. Last night we were talking and he was so worried that my friends didn't like him. Aww, I felt so bad. I assured him though that they just didn't know him that's all. I hope that's it and he is just paranoied right now. I also feel bad that we don't get to see each other that much. We see each other 1st block and ocasionally at lunch. We don't get to see each other after school b/c he works and he doesn't get off till 9:30.

Harry Potter is coming out tomorrow! haha!

People think it's akward that I go out w/ Phillip. Not my friends, but some people that I guess know him better that they know me. They say that it is the pot head w/ the popular prep girl that shoul dating dating the jocks. 1st off Phillip stopped w/ the pot and stuff, atleast that is what he tells me. If he didn't i think i will be really upset. 2nd I and not really attracted to the "jocks" at our school. Some of them are cute, but all of them are a little too far on the cocky side.

OMG in athletics today we tried to play ultimate frisby... jeeze us girls are way too competitive and aggresive to be doing that. There were some guys in there and they were like "Shit!" We were tackling for that frisby. We were running, scratching, kicking, crawling, you name it and we were probably doing it. We kept going till we got so agrresive we broke the frisby in half. LOL. I was on one of the 2 teams playing when the frisby broke and the game was tied so we decided to race to decide who wouyld win the game. That is how competitve we were. LOL!

I am so bored out of my mind and to make things worse I need to do homework. AHHHHHH!
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