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WAR EFFIN EAGLE! (didn't i tell you!)

well fri me, phillip, john, and lori went to the movies to see saw 2. that movie made me cringe! dfinetly better than the 1st saw. gross! john is a ninja i swear!

i have the weirdest dreams i swear. they people in there that i dint even talk to and the "theme" is soo random! jeeze! but i love my dreamszz!

Auburn whooped Alabama's assszzz! what did i tell u! i did the most stupid thing for an aubirn fan to do during teh ala vs. aub game! i went to a party where i was the only auburn fan there! there were like literally 20 alabama fanz there. lol. they hid my cell phone b/c my mom kept callin on the nextel and going war eagle and touch down auburn!!! lol. after the gam they took there belts off and started popping me w/ it! lol!! but i still remained loyal and kept on sayin war damn eagle adn i did it w/ a huge smile on my face! LOL! i was obviously the only smart one there! haha! i swear that once monday comes ala fans are gonna be saying the most insane excuses to why they lost, but we beat their asses!

my dad was drink last night and so was my mom and trish. they were talking about the funniesty things adn slurring all there words. it was soo funny! i hope they didn't scare phillip!
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