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badd weather...

well right now i am out of school b/c they let us out. there is some really bad weather all around us, yep, torndoes everywhere. ofourse not here, leeds isn't lucky enough to have a good adreneline rush once in a while.

the other day when we were putting lights on the house i ended up being the only kid helping my dad. i got to help put lights on the tippy top of the house which includes no safety wires or ropes and no ladder and no safety net to catch u when u fall. i got to admit, i was a lil scared, especially when i had to hang halfway off the house adn sliding down the slant of the roof. yep. lets put it this way, wall off the top of my house, that could be a trip to the emergency room, or if you fall off at the right place where i was, to ur grave. hehe. but it was fun. i think i was more worried about my dad falling. i dont know why i am like that, i would rather get hurt or even die instead of somebody i love get hurt or die.

anywayz, me and phillip are doin good. yeppers.

i watched teh new harry potter movie the other day. i love harry potter movies. hehe, i can be such a geek.

today in english we had to start writing essays on the topic that our teacher gives us. well todya we had to write a narrative essay and my topic is a day being invisabale..... lol. yeah, but i am being really creative, i'm writing about kicking some terrorists butt that wanted to blow half of america up.

i have to do a painting for ashley's bedroom. i can't believe they are paying me for it. she is my friend, but i do need some money, i'll take what ever. i need to see her room so i can get an idea of what to do.

shelby i am gonna have to get u that fleece cuz those blankets are sooo cute. o, and hoe u better burn those cds for me.

i need some canvas, not just so i cna do ashley a painting, but i need to do some more paintings. i have an idea on what to do. it's from a picture i have. it is really weird. it otta look good if i do it.

shelby i forgot to grab those pictures that u were gonna give me.

workouts are rescheduled for tomorrow do to, well crappy weather. why in the world did i just say this?? o well.
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